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The Chronicle of Nicodemus

Being a record of the events in the lives of the Rats of NIMH

The Rats of NIMH
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Journal created for roleplaying use only. Nothing to see here.

In terms of continuity, they've recently escaped from NIMH itself.

What follows is a shortlist of the most often seen characters that live here--four canon and one OC:

Nicodemus: Aged leader of this small band of rats. It's possible that the scientists' brain-enhancing drugs had an effect on him that no-one could have ever anticipated; along with a vastly augmented intelligence, he appears also to posess a degree of psionic ability--telekinesis and some sort of clairvoyance, at the very least. He is an oddity among the group, and it seems the metabolic effect of this major augmentation has mixed with the standard slowing of the ageing process to produce a being apparently halted in a state of great age. Who knows how long he will live, naturally?

Justin: The
de facto captain of the guard and Nicodemus' protoge. Justin is possibly the youngest of the original twenty-two, and eager to learn absolutely everything he can. Though, due to his youth and quick humour, he comes across a cavalier, dashing rat of action. Which he is, but he's also one of the few who has the patience to read as vastly and widely as he has, and to absorb the wisdom of those around him, particularly Nicodemus.

Brutus: Brutus is a rat of few words and many thoughts. During the course of the experimentation, his physical size increased to something truly prodigious, fully half again the size of an average rat, if not more, a solid wall of fur and bone and muscle. Despite his size and proficiency with fighting, he posesses a compassionate and almost fretful side when dealing with those smaller than he whom he cares about.

An idea of what the others look like--more specific images to come soon.

Arthur: ((A/N: Arthur is taken from the book canon, rather than the film)) Arthur posesses a knack for engineering and machinery that has proven invaluable to the rats since their escape. Part greasemonkey mechanic and part inventor, he's responsible for most of the technology they posess. He also apparently has a hearty bowl of Blunt Flakes every a morning, a concept that worries the more diplomatic of his compatriots.

William: ((O.C.)) Bookish and distracted, William would make the perfect historian or possibly librarian. However, he also has a 'see for myself' outlook that gets him into plenty of trouble, despite his decidedly tweedy nature. It's almost as though his curiosity leads him into danger while his thoughts pursue three or four different tracks. He will probably impart everything he learns here to the other rats, whether they want to hear it or not.